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Ravintola paiva

Finland, Finns, FinnishPosted by Sylvie Hendrickx Mon, November 14, 2011 11:39:00

Saturday the 19th of November is the third Restaurant Day in Finland. It is a day when anyone and everyone is encouraged to open a pop-up restaurant, café or bar. Just for the day. The quirkier the concept, the better. No permission, no rules, just plain fun. It will be an eventful day which lovers of good food and fun are sure to take by enthusiasm.

How it all started

The Restaurant Day is the brainchild of three young, enthusiastic, slightly rebellious Finns who came up with the idea of flaunting bureaucracy, and starting a phenomenon that had never been tried before. It’s Restaurant Day and it’s organized by Timo Santala, Olli Sirén and Antti Tuomola who do this, not for personal gain, but purely for the fun of it.

What’s it all about?

Pop-up restaurants appear all over the cities of Finland, in people’s homes, apartments, courtyards, parks, building sites, you name it. The first one was held in May 2011 and sported 50 ‘restaurants’. The next one was in August 2011 and the number soared to 200!