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Language bus

News about educationPosted by Sylvie Hendrickx Fri, November 25, 2011 20:40:48

Bus brings southern Europe to Joensuu schools.

For the past three years, a travelling language fair has been visiting primary schools in Finland to pique pupils' interest in foreign language studies. This week students in the eastern city of Joensuu were given a taste of German, French, Russian and Spanish.

At the Pielisjoki school near Joensuu, salsa rhythms help pupils master Spanish basics. A travelling language fair organised by the National Board of Education paid a visit to schools in the area to expose kids to foreign tongues.

The programme aims to reach seventh graders facing a decision on which third foreign language they will choose in the eighth grade.

Je m'appelle...

The point is to make language learning fun.

"I'd like to study Italian or Spanish -- they're jolly languages," says seventh grader Emilia Tukiainen.

"Spanish would be pretty fun," says her friend Julia Ripatti.

Fellow pupil Simo Asikainen takes a pragmatic approach. "I would like to try German. It seems easy," he says.

Teachers in Pielisjoki say they want to see a broad selection of languages offered to their students. German and French are the most common elective foreign languages studied in Joensuu, though students can also take Russian, which seems a natural choice, given the city's close proximity to Russia.

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