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Men have more free time than women

Finland, Finns, FinnishPosted by Sylvie Hendrickx Fri, November 25, 2011 20:54:00

Worries have been raised that the downshifting phenomenon is reinforcing traditional gender roles, but statistics show that men and women already spend their time quite differently. For one thing, women devote more time to housework.

Domestic chores account for a whopping one hour and 13 minutes more of the average woman's day than that of the average man's. Meanwhile, the time use survey from Statistics Finland indicates that men spend an average of 40 minutes per day more than women doing paid work.

If time spent on both these activities is put together, it turns out that women work more than men—their time at work and doing housework adds up to more than six hours, while men spend altogether just over 5.5 hours on these activities.

Men also have an hour and five minutes more free time than women. Women share this time between housework, studying, meals and personal hygiene.

Both genders spend about the same amount of time on sleep.

The survey’s participants were aged 10 to 64, which means that the share of time spent on gainful employment was correspondingly lower. The figures include school children, students, unemployed and those on maternity leave.

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