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No lunch for 20,000 schoolchildren in Tampere

News about educationPosted by Sylvie Hendrickx Fri, November 25, 2011 20:57:39

A work stoppage on Tuesday by employees of the Tampere city-owned Tampereen Ateria catering service means that around 20,000 children at schools and daycare centres will not have access to their regular lunches. Parents have been advised to pack lunches for their children.

Even if parents cannot or do not provide a packed lunch, pupils will not go hungry. School officials have been given permission to raid school kitchen pantries, and daycare centre workers can purchase food from local shops.

The law mandates that all pupils are provided with a full meal, free of charge, each school day.

The parents of children in daycare centres are being advised to pack sandwiches, fruit and other foodstuffs that do not require warming.

"No child will go unfed. We have the possibility to go to the shop to buy food if a child shows up for the day without a packed lunch," the Jussinkylä daycare centre told parents.

Not everyone is worried about Tuesday's lack of a hot lunch.

"I think it's fun to bring a packed lunch. I like banana yogurt," says Tiitus Savonen, one of the children at the Jussinkylä daycare centre.

Employees of Tampereen Ateria are carrying out the Tuesday work stoppage to protest plans to outsource catering services. The action will also affect city workplace cafeterias, but will not affect hospitals or care facilities for the elderly.

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