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Tourism ( by Sylvie Hendrickx Sun, December 04, 2011 22:49:44

Turku is a fascinating combination of both old and new. Turku has everything for the modern urbanite, but also for tourists interested in the treasures of history. Turku offers skilled and educated workforce, modern municipal engineering, good international connections and flexible services for companies and businesses.

Turku is a city of three institutions of higher education and high technology. In addition to the University of Turku and the Turku School of Economics and Business, the city is the home of the country's only Swedish-speaking institute of higher education, Åbo Akademi. The city can also offer studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences, Sydväst University of Applied Sciences, Humak University of Applied Sciences and Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. The city has altogether approx. 35, 000 higher education students.

The schools and businesses work in close co-operation at the Turku Technology Centre, which units are BioCity, DataCity, ElectroCity, EuroCity and the Old Mill. The degree programmes in animation, advertising and circus studies at Turku University of Applied Sciences are unique in Finland.

As the most famous cultural city in Finland, Turku offers many different types of events round the year. For example, the oldest rock festival in Europe, Ruisrock, and the bit younger city festival, Down by the Laituri, are held in Turku in the summertime. In addition, the Medieval Market, Music Festival Aurajoki Virtaa and the Turku Music Festival are also part of the summer in Turku.

In the wintertime the official Christmas City of Finland is filled with numerous performances, events and Christmas markets. The Christmastime culminates in the Ecumenical Christmas, and of course in the proclamation of Christmas peace on Christmas Eve from the balcony of the Brinkkala building, which is televised nationally.