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Time flies when…

What's happening in Finland?Posted by Sylvie Hendrickx Tue, December 13, 2011 10:11:09

Times flies when you are travelling

I joined a French teacher assistant in Espoo. This city is part of the Helsinki region. We did some shopping after visiting EMMA, the museum of modern art. The day ended in Helsinki with a visit at Fazer and watching people skating on the market place next to the train station.

I also went – with another teacher assistant - by plane to Oulu, which is 571km up north. We stayed there for three days during which we had a few first experiences.

First time we did couchsurfing.

First time we swam in an ice cold river.

First time we had a try at parkour.

First time we had such a short day: sunrise at 9.53, sunset at 14.24

Finally, I spent a weekend in Turku with five other teachers assistants.Turku is the European Capital of Culture 2011. It’s also known as a ‘Christmas city’.

We had the visit of some firemen in our hostel’s bedroom on Sunday morning. No, not for a strip-tease. Can you believe that the alarm went on just because – in a four person bedroom – one girl was drying her hair and two other girls put on some spray deodorant?!

No wonder we went to the “Fire! Fire!” exhibition later that day.

Time flies when you are having many pikkujoulu

Pikkujoulu is a small pre-Christmas party.

One of the school’s pikkujoulu was an evening at the theater followed by a Christmas diner in a restaurant. The holidays will start in eight days and I still have six pikkujoulu to go.

This is definitely something to import to Belgium!

Time flies when you work three days a week

Week 49 was short, and not because of Saint Nicholas.

It started on Monday with the independence ceremony at the castle where all the 6th graders were invited. Key words of this tradition: nice dresses, nice costumes, speeches, singers, drinks and food.

Tuesday was a bank holiday as Finland celebrates its independence day on the 6th of December. I first went to the independence ceremony at the ice-skating ring (speeches, choirs, singers, ice-skating show,…). Then we gathered at a teacher’s place to bake some traditional Finnish food. It was a great day.

The other weeks have been ‘normal’ working weeks.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have now been observing Swedish lessons in upper-secondary classes.

And I’m happy the pupils don’t laugh at me when I have to say/read Finnish words.

Time flies when the days are short and dark

Week 50: sunrise at 9.28 and sunset at 15.06.

It has been snowing for a week. We had a lot of snow on some days while we mostly had sleet on the other days. But everything is still white! The white snow brings light in the streets when you walk outside before 9.30 or after 15.00.

Time flies when the end of the year is already so near

Not sure I’ll be posting before the holidays…because time flies and I still have many things to do.

These are my plans for the Christmas break.

21/12 – 25/12: Back to Belgium to enjoy Christmas with my family and to see some friends.

26/12 – 28/12: Going to Lapland with my sister, nephew, brother and sister-in-law. We are going to do some husky-sleigh and of course meet the one and only real Santa Claus!

29/12: visit of Helsinki

30/12: Going to visit Tallinn (Estonia)

31/12: Having a great New Years Eve in Helsinki and watch the fireworks on Senate Square.

3/01 – 5/01: Going to Russia to visit St Petersburg

I think I have now enough excuses if I don’t reply directly your emails, messages, comments,… but you can still call/text me in case of emergency smiley

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012 !!